Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thailand Trip Day 3 - Bus Scam, Bangkok MRT and Changed Plans

We slept the whole night on the bus from Krabi to Bangkok and reached there around 10 am on the third day. Why the long travel hours? Basically, we were involved with a bus scam which involves the bus leaving us and other passengers in the middle of nowhere and we had to use another bus. At the unknown desolated area there were locals selling food and drinks. Thankfully, we already bought ours and we ate while waiting for another bus to arrive. The waiting was excruciatingly boring.

The reason behind changing buses is left unknown. Rayyan claims that they wanted time to scavenge through our backpacks and steal important valuables. Yikes! *pulls my stuff closer.

Upon reaching Khaosan Rd of Bangkok, I immediately contacted my Thai friend who resides there. I hoped that we could meet tonight as initially planned. But exploring as we might, we couldn't find any available hostel to take us in. Almost every hostel was fully occupied! If there was one, it costs around 300 Baht for a single room and that's a tad too expensive for our budget. Feeling tired and disappointed, we decided to head to Ayuthayya.

I called my friend to reschedule our meetup to a later date. He didn't sound that happy. Haha! He even offered to pay for our accommodations in Bangkok. How nice (and tempting!) When I told him that we'll be heading to Ayuthayya, he said that Bangkok is a bigger city to cover and one day is never enough. Still insisting to stay at Bangkok that night while he foots the bill made me shy. I kindly refused and said we'll meet up on another night (yet to be confirmed). And so to Ayuthayya we go!

But hold on... how do we do that? And from Khaosan Rd with no maps to assist us? LOL!

The magic key is... "asking around". I think Rayyan asked a lot of people on how to get to Hua Lumpong train station from where we were. It led us going on the MRT, change trains twice until finally we were at Hua Lamphong.

The MRT system in Bangkok was surprisingly modern and comfortable!
Our bags were checked by security before boarding the MRT trains. LOL. Wonder what they're phobic about?

And so here we were! Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lumpong).
A very big old building!
Still before mid-day, we hope to arrive Ayuthayya in two hours time via train. Who would've known that Rayyan will find his love interest there? Hik hik hik!

Will be unfold in the next post!


rayyan haries said... [Reply]

J'tadore bian!I wish I can write like you. The tone, the soothing flow of words... impressive! I'm reliving the memories of yesterdays by reading this!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@rayyan... lol! I think ur praise is too high la. but thanks nways. cant wait for ur posts on the trip.


AJ said... [Reply]

love the way u write a story..macam baca novel pun ada..quite cool....

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@eyriqazzz.. awwww... that's quite a compliment coming from you. Lo behold, eyriqazz the famous yet humble blogger commented nicely on my writing. am so damn honored! hehehe!

Thristhan said... [Reply]

Suspense betul la your journey ni. Now making me addicted to your blog :)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@Thristhan... LOL!! oh! sebelum ini tak addictive ke? sampai hati you! haha

Thanks btw for reading! glad to know some one is at least enjoying reading my blog! ^^