Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thailand Trip Day 2 - Krabi, the town and Aonang Beach.

Funny thing is, I forgot that my hand-phone's clock now follows the time of Thailand (due to the simcard.) I thought it was still Malaysian time and so I set the Sahur alarm an hour later than usual.

I woke up and went  to wake Rayyan up for Sahur together. The grilled gate outside his room was locked and I started calling his name several times from outside. Before feeling awkwardly stupid, I gave up. Took a seat on the fourth floor and ate alone.

Soon enough rays of sunlight came crossing the view before me. Dawn was approaching the sleepy town of Krabi so I grabbed my camera and became immersed in the morning beauty.

The river in which we ate nearby late last night.
 From the top: View of Krabi town from the left, the street to the food street by the river, and the signage of Pak-up Hostel at the front.
Feeling sleepy again, I climbed back onto my bunk and went back to sleep. I was awaken by Rayyan putting his head in the dorm calling for me. LOL. Peeping tom! Time to wake up and get ready!

We're going to Ao Nang!

The place where you can take a boat-ride to all the other islands nearby; Phi phi Island, Railay, Tonsai, Phra Nang (among the islands I can remember.)
The scenic view on the way from Krabi town to Ao Nang. Around 30 minutes drive. 
Ao Nang is a central point of the coastal province of Krabi, Thailand. The town consists chiefly of a main street, which is dominated by restaurants, pubs, shops and other commerce aimed at tourists. The main beach is used by sunbathers to a certain extent, but there are a large number of longtail boats which offer access to other beaches on the mainland and on nearby islands. [source: wikipedia]
And I'm finally here! Facing the Aonang Beach!
And the so-called longtail boats?
So this is how the longtails boats look like. It will take you to the nearby islands. 
Prices range from 200 Bhat per person one-way to an Island. I believe there's a package price but didn't care to inquiry as island hopping was not on our plans. Hopefully next time? After some time at Ao Nang, we decided to head back to Krabi town....

.... and somehow we ended at a local barber. ^^

Something to do about Rayyan's new acquired shaggy look that needs getting rid off!
The local barber actually speaks a little bit of Malay!
Some of the muslim Thai locals here knew a little bit of Malay. Their slang sounds more like Kelantanese and some words are also Kelantanese. The barber was a chatty person and made us guess his age. We guessed his age as in the middle 20's but we were both wrong. He's actually nearing 40! Wow! The people here do look younger than their age. Wonder what's their secret?

The beach, the barber and then back to Bangkok on the four o'clock bus. What happens next will be unfold in another post. =)


rayyan haries said... [Reply]

I like the way ur unfolds the stories! mesmerizing! :D

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@rayyan haries... awww.. thanks! nah! #hulurduitpokettandaterharu lol!

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nice scenery.. liked~

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@mr lonely... hehehe. thanks beb. mmg niceeee!

hafiz said... [Reply]

Great write up ! Would be really handy guide when i go there sometime.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@hafiz.. finally a comment from you! hehe. thanks!

Nick Josh Karean (NJK) said... [Reply]

Here’s a new Ao Nang Krabi video that I think would greatly compliment your blog post if you embedded it in: Enjoy! ;)