Sunday, October 28, 2012

Patpong, Fruit Market and a Very Generous Man - Part 4

Continuing my travelogue on my night at Bangkok during the holy month of Ramadhan. (Yes, I'm late in updating. hehe) It started with my Bangkok friend picking us up from New Siam Hotel at Khaosan Road and he brought us on a lovely night tour of Thailand.

By the way, Pipi is a broadcast engineer working for a local TV Station called "Thai PBS". He's happily married with a small son. ^__^

So after dinner, where else did Pipi bring us to? Next stop is the hub of prostitution, Patpong.

1. Patpong

The place seemed innocent at first with rows and rows of stalls selling fake branded bags and accessories. A normal night market to unknowing eyes.

The innocent looking night market.
And then Pipi brought us walking into dark alleys where the true colors of Patpong started to shine through.

Seen here is Rayyan being approached by man who is selling seats to a tiger show. Lol.
Once we entered this place, guys in t-shirts and jeans started approaching us and showing a list of shows and prices presumably tiger shows or anything in that manner. I basically giggled when they approached me and told them to ask Rayyan as he might be interested. He he he he. *nakal

Oh ya, my first dildo sighting was at this night market. errrkkk! It's being sold in the open. Haishh..

Strip clubs and anything fetish.
I wasn't able to catch much pictures as we were struggling to keep up with Pipi's stride. He was walking so fast through these alleys as if he was eager to get out of it. Hehe. I blame myself for putting him in this position. I was one curious cat. =p

Once we were out from harm's way, I was forced to eat fried grasshopper as a punishment. Arghh!

I almost puked after having my first fried grasshopper. Erghhh...
Can you guys stomach this little creature? Can you???

Next stop is the fruit market!!

2. Fruit market

Pipi says that the fruit market opens 24 hours a day, EVERYDAY! We started to scream durian while we were at a junction and Pipi asked us if wanted to eat some. We immediately screamed YES! (He treated us like small kids. haha!) And so he stopped his car and we scrambled out to venture into the fruit market.

Carmen and Rayyan at the fruit market.
We stopped at the durian stall and Pipi chose the durian for us. Boy were we excited! haha!

40 Baht per kilogram. It was one humongous durian!
After finishing one durian, Pipi asked if we wanted more. Oh my gawdd! I think one is enough already! He's so generous! The durian tasted the same as the ones in Malaysia and we went back to the hotel with our tummies full and breath smelling of durian!

The thing I admire about Pipi is that he's a perfect example of what a gentleman should be. He fetched us at the hotel (even though he had to walk to get there since it's hard to get there by car), he didn't allow us to spend a single cent (everything was on him!!!) and he walked us back to the hotel. Straight to the lobby!

We had a wonderful night out with Pipi. He paid for everything we ate thus taught me that I, too should learn to be gracious just like him and treat all my country's foreign visitors with the same generosity.

The "baton of kindness" has been passed. Anyone coming to Kuala Lumpur, do find me. I'll be glad to show you around. No charges at all. ^___^

Ending the perfect night out in Bangkok with our picture eating durian. Hehe.

Bon appetite!
~the end.


zino said... [Reply]

best jalan di night market kat Bangkok nun..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@abah zino... hehehe. mampu jalan waktu malam je sbb mase tu waktu puasa.