Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halal Food in Ayuthayya's Night Market are the BEST

Updating on a Sunday when I feel the most laziest in the whole week. The day where I more seldom than not, wakes up late to the sun already streaming through my bedroom window. And also waking up thinking what to eat today. What a dilemma!

At times like this I remember my eating times overseas.

Thailand in particular for it's cheap, delicious food. Can buy up to 3 dishes under RM10!!!

Ayuthayya to be exact where I was accomappanied by friendly strangers who share only one thing in common...

.... the love for travel and adventure. A way to be a kid again where we are prone to new discoveries.

I go back to that day where we four were at a table, some where at a night market in Ayuthayya, waiting for the sun to go down so that Rayyan and I can break our fast. We were fasting for 5 days already and still going strong. Masaya and Ayako whom we hardly knew were sharing their adventure stories and we talked a lot despite the language barrier.

The happy eating days. Hehe. 
You can get a lot of selections in the night market. How wish I know the names of the food I've eaten.

Let's go through the foods I've tasted in Ayuthayya. ^___^

My favorite food in Thailand. Apart from the juice drinks though. Sweet!!!
The one belowis like Roti Canai Banana sipped in chocolate syrup. Hehe.
Mataba Banana + Chocolate = 30 Baht
And this is fried chicken. The only stall there that sell these.
Buy these and rice separately. Nice!
And these below were our meal on the second day. Here's mine, chosen by Rayyan as I didn't know what to eat.
Some kind of Thai mee. Hehe. Delicious!!!
And this one was Rayyan's meal.
It looks like Tom Yam soup to me. Hehehe. Hot and spicy!!
And there were some extras too. I think some sushi perhaps? Have forgotten already but am sure Rayyan knows the name of the food. =p

Ahhh... I'm missing Thai food!!!



Farikica said... [Reply]

i miss mango smoothie the most!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@farikica... I believe I tasted that! it's the best in Thaland! hehehe

Syarih said... [Reply]

look nice...he he he

Noraini Azhari said... [Reply]

tomyam banyak isi. sedap nya!!

zino said... [Reply]

sedap nampak nya tu...

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@syarih.. even better if u eat em. hehehe

@noraini... ahh.. mmg banyak isi! sedapppp!!

@zino... hehehe... abah zino kena try neh!!!

Super Nia Hana said... [Reply]

ok..part makanan juga hana baru tergedik nakkomen
kelihatan sgtlah yummmyyyyyy!!!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@hana.. helloooo silent reader. hahahaha....

serius sangatlahhhhhhhh sedapppppppp!!! =p

Happy walker said... [Reply]

the food looks special to me~ XD

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@mr Lonely... hehehe. and different from the Thai food in malaysia right?

babybugmum said... [Reply]


Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Nampak sedap lah... remind me in Cambodia, so hard to find halal food in there hahha.. I should blog about that :)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@saza... hehe.. best puasa di tempat orang kan?

@alid.. u've been to Cambodia?? I didn't know that!! grrr *jealous

Zara AB said... [Reply]

That Thai Mee look simply delicious but i couldn't captured the overall ingredients. Nampak sotong, kangkung, ground nuts. Tapi yg lain tue tak tau apa.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@zara ab... hehehe. mee dia jenis yg lutsinar tu. ku pon tak tahu apa lagi dlm tu. yg penting sedap. haha

ilyani said... [Reply]

hi Jard,
planning to stop by Ayutthaya for 2 days before heading to Nong Khai, food places yg u all makan2 ni which area ye? nak dtg sini jugak! :D did you book your hostel in advanced or is it easy to walk in for cheap room there?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ilyani oh.. yg makanan halal tu kat night market. nnt boleh minta pemandu tuk2 utk bawa korang ke sana. diorg tahu tu.

have fun ya!