Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thailand Trip Day 6 - Into Bangkok

Into Day 6 of our trip in Thailand. We never did expect to stay two nights in Ayuthayya. There was something about Ayuthayya that made us want to stay a bit longer. Maybe because we felt welcomed here? Or maybe because the lodging and food were very cheap!

But sadly, we had to leave for Bangkok. And besides, my friend is waiting for me there. ^__^

We packed up our stuff, shared a tuk-tuk from the guesthouse to the train station and planned to share rooms in Bangkok. I'll be pairing with Carmen and Rayyan will be pairing with Masaya. Saves a lot on our budget as staying in Bangkok is never cheap.

We (note their HUGE backpacks) were heading to the ticket counter of Ayuthayya's train station.
We came early but the only train to Bangkok was hours away. Huhu. So we ended up staying at the station for a long while. (Down the drain goes my plan to explore Bangkok in the afternoon and time was running thin!)

Carmen says that everything in her bag is her lifetime supply of clothes. Hehe.
And so.... we waited for our train. Rayyan and Masaya went off to find a cyber cafe. Carmen went wandering to I don't know where while I stayed with the bags. =)

Thank god for the FAN! It was one hot day outside. 
When we were on the train at last, there were no available seats and we ended up standing most of the time. Thankfully, we eventually found some empty seats half-way through the ride and boy, my back was already sore!!! *bertahanlah. Sejam je lagi, cetus hati kecilku!

And once we reached Bangkok, we yet again faced another problem  ~ looking for available hostels or hotels that can take all four of us. The first five or six hostels that we walked into were full until we set our eyes on the New Siam Hotel as pictured below.

Our savior! And thankfully cheap too! 370  Baht per twin sharing room!
You can imagine how relieved my room-mate and I were when we finally got a room!!! We practically jumped on the bed! Haha!

Rayyan and I decided to find some vegetation Pad Thai from the streets before meeting up with my friend whose coming at 8 pm. Pad Thai js a famous Thai dish here and Rayyan was very keen on me trying it. On our way we chanced upon a Muslim seller who gave Salam to us. This seller also helped tell us when it was OK to break fast. Thanks kind sir!

We break our fast with vegetarian Pad Thai that night as seen on the bottom right picture.. =)
Sure enough, Pad Thai was delicious!!! 

After having our fill, we headed back to the hotel and waited for my dear friend to fetch us.

This was when I got nervous... *blushes.


Melastik Bintang said... [Reply]

i've been to bangkok on stayed at Oakwood Hotel...that time can't go to the town because of RED SHIRT Demonstration...

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@melastik bintang... ouch! bad timing huh? I really didn't see much of Bangkok in the daytime. hehe. We explored it during the night time. ^__^

Zarul Umbrella said... [Reply]

best nyer..tak pernah sampai Thailand

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@zarul... serius? hehe. cam tak caya ja. hehehe. tapi kamu dah pergi macam2 tempat.. lagi best. ^__^

Anonymous said... [Reply]

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helgaindra said... [Reply]

itu mie nya nampak sangat pedas ya?