Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Butt Naked on a Train to Bagan, Myanmar

Every time I meet Lily, she'd laugh because she says I reminded her of my unfortunate "naked" experience on the train. (Embarrassed for life! Yes she insists I blog about it!)

In the meanwhile, due to the lack of updates from my side, I'm enjoying the blogposts made by my fellow travel-mates cum bloggers to a recent trip to Myanmar last two months. Here are some of the posts that they have published.

Lilyriani the Globetrotter
My experience is some-what similar to them in many aspects except this particular one on a train from Yangon to Bagan. It was a very hot afternoon and I didn't like swimming in a pool of sweat. If we were to sleep on a moving train for 18 hours, I was determined as hell to do it after a refreshing bath.

The only thing that stood between me and a good bath is a bumpy train ride, a small bathroom with water pressure more slow than my grandmother's piss and the most vital one....

.... the lock from INSIDE of the bathroom was FAULTY!

Unfortunately, I only realized the third problem after I was butt naked. Sigh. T__T

The train was on the move and I just changed into a clean "sarong batik" and a loose short sleeved t-shirt, getting ready for a bath. With only a 70 cm x 40 cm hand towel and some toiletries,  I headed, though swaying violently from side to side, to the nearby toilet room next door. (Phew, thank god I didn't have to awkwardly pass people on seats. LOL)

My personal drawing of how the interior toilet looked like. One I'll never forget!
Determined with only one goal in mind, I sat on the toilet bowl and began undressing. Toiletries were put securely on the sink. Towel and cloths on the rails of the window. And the hose from the pipe was turned into a hand shower.

So you guys do the math on how I bathed in that cramped bathroom.

Problem arise when one hand was holding a soap and another the hose.... and then suddenly "KABOOM"!

I froze. Impaled as strong gust of winds came rushing in the room. My eyes became narrowed slits (if only I was a cat that is.) and I almost screamed!

The door on my right has burst WIDE OPEN! Swinging to and fro, violently slamming the wall due to the moving train.... Ahh.. what sight I would've made if some-one actually saw me in that EXACT POSITION. Well, I prayed nobody did. 

An eye-sore to some... a dream come true to others. Perhaps? =P

Scrambling on my feet, I hurriedly grabbed the door and pulled it in. The lock failed me. This time I had to hold the door whilst spraying myself with water. It was not a comfortable situation. During that time, I truly wished I was Goddess Siva who has 8 pair of hands! 

When I finally survived the ordeal, I came back to the room where my other travel-mates were sitting. Whisked right in as if nothing had happened and warned them to lock the door from the outside because the inside lock was faulty. They never knew what nightmare I've gone through moments before.

Until now. =P


Faisal Admar said... [Reply]

Jeez! That's pretty scary. Haha.

4 pairs or 8 pairs? :P

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ faisal admar... honestly.. am not that sure! hahaha! but hoped it was more than the ones I had now!

Aleah | SolitaryWanderer.com said... [Reply]

That is so funny! Like you, I also have to take a shower no matter what the condition of the bathroom is!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ aleah... hehehe.. hygiene is important to me. Coz i can smell pretty rotten if i dont. Dont wanna give discomfort to people around me =P

Faisal Admar said... [Reply]

@Jard The Great

haha, if not mistaken 8 hands which means 4 pairs! :P

but your journey is pretty interesting. its like my journey to bangkok by train from butterworth, which took me about 22 hours!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ faisal admar... haha. ok. will take note. 4 pairs it is. =P

wow! 22 hours from Butterworth to Bangkok? I think I tried train from Bangkok to KL. But cant seem to get my facts right. Was done during Ramadhan last year. hehehe.

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

Hwakakakakakakakak I cannot stop laughing hahaha

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ alid... shut up! hahahaha!