Sunday, April 11, 2021

5 Top Things To Do In Singapore, Post-Covid

Lately I've been thinking alot about which country to go to after this pandemic is controlled. To say that this pandemic will ever be over is an overstatement cause it won't miraculously go away. But it being controlled is a possibility to happen not so far in the future. Fingers crossed! :)

Malaysia is now in the first phase of  administering vaccines to the community. I, myself have registered on the MySejahtera apps and hope you have done so too. So back to the title, where to travel next once am allowed to do so? My almost forgotten passport has expired June 2020 and have never been renewed. Now it needs to be renewed and am dreaming of traveling again! 

But where to?

Somewhere near, 

somewhere affordable 

and somewhere safe.

The first country that came to mind was Singapore. Once vaccinated I can easily take a train there or maybe just take a flight? The prices of any hotel should be affordable now since the tourism sector is trying to pick up momentum and should give competitive prices. Right? Singapore may have been the most expensive city in the world, but it has many other superlatives: safe, cleanest, argumentative best food and definitely most entertaining, all packed in a compact, well planned development of an island!

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

So if  I have to pick any Hotel in Singapore , I would definitely try out Marina Bay Sands. Its been ages since I wanted to try there and immerse myself in the spectacular views it is famed to offer. Moreover it is close to an MRT Station named Bayfront and the shopping complex with various eateries is just below the guest rooms!

But then again it all depends on the prices nowadays. Before the pandemic it was pretty darn expensive to stay in a room at Marina Bay Sands. Post-pandemic, am not that certain anymore. Thus I should check Hotel promotion Singapore before making up my mind. After figuring out my accommodations in Singapore, now comes the fun part. What are the top 5 things am dying to do once I get there? Here's the list!

Image by Scott Bentley from Pixabay 

1. Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a nature park spanning 101 hectares (250 acres) in the Central Region of Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens which are Bay South Garden (in Marina South), Bay East Garden (in Marina East) and Bay Central Garden (in Downtown Core and Kallang). You can see why I want to stay in Marina Bay Sands. And do note that its Flower Dome has made into the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records as being the largest glass greenhouse in the world!

Gardens by the Bay is the brainchild of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who in 2015, wanted to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city. The gardens were introduced as a  premier urban outdoor recreation space and a national icon. 

When I do actually go here, my first stop is to  go visit the very impressive 114-foot indoor waterfall! Will figure out exactly where in the immensely huge gardens later. 

Pic by Instagram user @lagoon

2. Kampong Glam

This tourist destination have been in all the travel itineraries to Singapore provided for the Malaysian travel groups. And I can see why. Kampong Glam is steeped in Malay history and has been the location for early settlements for Sultan of Johor and his household as well as the Malay and Arab communities, mainly merchants. This was stated in a treaty between the then Sultan of Johor, Sultan Hussein Shah and the British East India Company who at that time was looking for a port that isn't controlled by the Dutch. History states that the company paid a yearly salary to the sultan in exchange for the right to establish a trading post on Singapore and this eventually initiated the modern era for Singapore.

Today, Kampong Glam has been commercialized with many of the Malay and Arab communities moved to other areas. But the area remains a center for Muslim activities and the Sultan Mosque (as seen in above picture) remains a major landmark and congregation point for the Singapore Muslims. 

I wish to explore the rows of the newly refurbished and conserved shophouses  found in Haji Lane, Arab Street, Baghdad Street and Bussorah Street. Hopefully I can score a bargain on some souvenirs or crafts being sold there. 

Image by shermanhojw from Pixabay 

3. The Southern Ridges

Who would've known that a tiny island like Singapore could also provide impressive hiking trails. The Southern Ridges is a 5.6-mile recreational trail that connects five parks along the southern ridge of Singapore which are Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve. It is a well-constructed and well manicured like everything in Singapore. The landscape varies between jungle-like canopies of trees, unusual flora and fauna, and architecturally magnificent walkways. But if you are not fit enough to do the full five plus miles of this trail, do not, and I repeat, do not miss the timber deck at the height of 256 feet in the air notably known as the Henderson Waves! It's famed as  the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore and definitely an insta-worthy  location for its undulating curves.

Image by Little MiMi from Pixabay 

4. Singapore Botanical Gardens

Do not mistake this place is the same as Gardens in the Bay as it is not. Singapore Botanical Gardens is set in a more natural setting whereas Gardens in the Bay is man-made. Founded in 1859, this garden showcases the best and most spectacular of tropical flora set in the world. It comprises valuable plants collections and heritage trees, all in excellent condition. It is also the first and only tropical botanic garden to be on the UNESCO's World heritage list. 

The founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles was a keen naturalist and has set up the first botanical garden in Singapore mainly to introduce economic crops for cultivation.  This later led an Agri-Horticultural Society to develop an ornamental garden with roads, terraces and a small zoo at one point which then evolved into an 82-hectare leading botanical garden of plant research and conservations in the tropics. 

As an avid plant collector myself as a result of staying at home most of time, I really can't wait to visit this place and have an edutainment hell of a good time! 

Image by Ford Brackin from Pixabay 

5. Sentosa Island

Last but not least, lets not forget the main attraction of Singapore, Sentosa Island, the center of FUN. This 1,236-acre island resort off the southern coast of Singapore is home to major tourist attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, the S.E.A. Aquarium, and the Tiger Sky Tower observatory. I've personally been to Universal Studios 3 times and I can't get enough of it! Even slept outside USS just to be among the first to enter! Haha!

Sentosa needs no more introduction and I'm dead-set in visiting there again and again. Maybe next time with my family. And maybe this time I try out the so-callled award winning spas? My wellbeing is in need of an indulgent. 

So there, these are currently my TOP 5 things to do once I visit Singapore. I will try to do less shopping and more sight-seeing with a little mix of fun (as in thrill rides). But then lies the question, WHEN?

Lets hope and pray covid-19 will be under controlled in the near future and all of us can happily travel overseas again. For now peeps, stay SAFE! Adios!