About Me

Assalamu'alaikum and hello there!

Blogger name given is Jard, short for Just Another Regular Dudette. URL is named ignorantbrat.blogspot.com and the reasons are better left unknown as it was done so many years ago. I guess I'm still ignorant by nature and wish to better myself through blogging. Hehe. I've been blogging since 2007 and only now get this sense of creating a proper "About Me" page. Initially, blogging was to share stories with my family back at home (Sabah). I was thousands of KMs away from home and only flew home once or twice a year until AirAsia started selling very cheap airfares. Now I fly home as often as I like. ^__^
At Pananjakan Bromo, Indonesia 2012

At first, I never knew that bloggers would be generalized into niches. I was random and mostly blogged about my life and it's everyday surprises. But just recently I think I've grown too old for such nonsensical stuff (and also grown too shy. ihikz) that I decided to blog only on my travel adventures.

I've been traveling since I was three years old. Have basically lived a nomad live since I finished Primary School and now I'm based in Kuala Lumpur. Thus breaks the record of the longest stay in my life. Been living here for almost 4 years in the same apartment since 2008. =)

Have I found home? Not yet, I feel I'll be moving again soon. =p

So here's my blog and bits of my life. I love meeting new people and making new friends in foreign places. I love animals and nature though I think I'm not fit enough. Sigh. And I love food!!! I still keep my old random posts but from now on forward, will be blogging on travel related topics.

I've been on to various types of traveling methods as listed below.
  • travel agencies : Tianjin-Beijing, China | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • country sponsored trips - Sponsored trip to Korea by KCC (Korean Communications Commission)
  • work related sponsored trips - Japan, India
  • solo backpacking - Singapore (hoping to do more)
  • pair backpacking (male) - Hatyai - Krabi - Ayuthayya - Bangkok, Thailand
  • pair backpacking (female) - Surabaya - Bromo - Trovulan - Semarang, Indonesia
  • hotel reviews
  • media trips - Royal Belum World Drum Festival 2012
  • familiarization trips - Pahang
  • contest-based trips - MySelangorStory2011
  • group trips - Memuah trips to Bali, Indonesia | Sabah | Penang | Lanchang 
  • DIY trips - Myanmar - Yangon | Bagan | Ilne
And there are more trips coming up this year. Hehe. I don't exactly have a certain style of traveling. I'm versatile like that. I also occasionally do food reviews.

Wish to reach me regarding any of the places I've visited or be my traveling mate? Just drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. ^__^

Yours truly,

Jard the Great
(my nickname since 2007, hard to change it, sorry! hehe)