Friday, December 16, 2011

Japan Trip Day 6 - Akhibara, Shibuya and Shinjuku

After visiting Aksakusa, we headed down to Akihabara.

Akihabara is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods, including new and used items. (source)

By the time we reached Akihabara, it was raining so heavily that I didn't take a lot of pictures there. And when we entered the first electronic building, we ended up browsing and looking around instead of shopping! LOL.

One thing I noticed about Japanese culture when shopping during rainy days, almost ALL the stores provided umbrella plastic wrapper machines (some don't but still provided the wrappers) to cover the long, wet umbrellas. I guess it's their way to avoid the floors of the stores being wet and also avoid people (there are so many of them!) from slipping and falling down. My theory only. =p

It is here we get to see iPhone 4S.

After Akihabara, we headed to Shibuya, hoping to find some magnets to bring home as souvenirs for our friends back at home. We were disappointed as there were none to be found except Sushi magnets. But at least we met an American man who hailed from Hong Kong and also at Tokyo for InterBee conference.

He greeted me first in front of the UniqLo store where Asraff was dropping by to do his prayers and my roommie went to the bathroom. I believe his name was Paul. (Hehehe.. forgot already!)

Kak Jan, Paul (eh?) and me.
He tried speaking to us in the Malay language and he spoke good enough to amaze us. He also know how to speak Japanese but not as fluent as Asraff. Wow!!! Amazing that we get to meet so many colorful characters during our trip to Japan! Hehehe.

He offered to help us find the magnets and so I let him join us in our quest. Very kind of him! But alas, Shibuya being an area known as one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people, and as a major nightlife area, thus there were no magnets to be found. Sigh.

At least Asraff showed us the crossway where all cars stopped and only the people from all four sides crossed the roads. It was truly a sight to behold!

All cars stood still while the walkers crossed roads.
Being tired and utterly frustrated in not finding the magnets, we headed back to Shinjuku with Asraff and we parted ways with our new friend Paul.

Seeing us feeling demotivated and hungry, Asraff brought us to a place called Siddiq. A muslim restaurant with an Arabic name. It was here that we tasted the most delicious ROTI NAAN in the whole wide world! (being over exaggerated!)

Small chicken though.

This roti Naan costs 11,000 per set!
Being a bit thrifty as funds were really running short, Asraff offered to buy us drinks.


So in the end, we didn't spend any penny on him even though he was our tourist guide. I felt bad about that. LOL. And will definitely repay his kindness once he comes back to Malaysia. InsyaAllah!

When we finally parted at the Shinjuku Station where my friend and I will find our way back to the hotel ourselves, we said our goodbyes and wished him luck.

THANK YOU so muchhhh for your kindness!!! 
So that ends Day 6 in Japan.

Thankyou for reading!



JieJ said... [Reply]

Fuh..dari day 1 sampai day 6 aku membaca post mu ni Jard..memang best!!!kalau ada rezeki mcm mau ke sana jak..Tapi roti naan tu buat beliur ooo..ehhehehe

Unknown said... [Reply]

wah...memang best la...

Unknown said... [Reply]

agak mahal gak barang kat sini kan..untung kamu kan dapat gi ke Jepun

hazman aka species1980 said... [Reply]

memang besar la roti naan tue.... tapi ko memang kena jejak kasih ngan the tourist guide yang baik hati tue...