Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beijing Trip Day 1 - Acrobatic Show and Huidu Hotel

Met with an unfortunate accident when using my iPad. All my recent writings on this post disappeared. Couldn't be more pisser so I just have to rewrite the whole thing. Huhu.

When you join a tour group to Beijing, attending an Acrobat Show is a compulsory activity on the group's itenary whether you like it or not. There's a reason to it. Mainly to showcase the incredible acrobatic skills of China's youngest talents.

Tired as we all were on our first night at Beijing, but experiencing a live acrobatic show is a totally new sensation. Drugs the mind with jaw-dropping stunts and acts. Such as the one below... the motorcycle stunt. A total of five motorcyclists were crowded into this cage. Seeing is believing and you have to see it to believe it.

imagine five motorcyclists in this tiny cage. 
It was freezing cold outside the theater for talented kids.

Fie getting ready to enter.
The young acrobats were talented at their best.

Holding four kids on your body is pretty cool. 
I noticed that some of the young boys (possibly the age of 8 to 10) have developed matured six-packs. The likeness of abs of older men who does daily workouts at the gym.

Nope, my butt will never fit into those golden tin.
The young ladies on the other hand were pretty flat in the chess which helps with the balance I guess. He he he.

So talented!
And also helps them to place their butts on their heads and swirl on the table. Hehehe.

Boobs can be a buzz kill eh?
The act where the kid keeps piling up the chairs higher and higher was very stressful and suspenseful. Haha.

No signs of safety harness here. Huhu.
After the delightful theater, we finally headed to our hotel. Huidu Hotel situated in the poor area of Beijing as explained by Ms Lili our tour guide. The Wi-fi was terrible and the toilets were not clean. At least there was a shop nearby to buy some last-minute essentials such as mittens and mineral water.

Have I mentioned that the hotel doesn't provide mineral water in the rooms?

Rated 4-star. Errr... they deserve only 3-stars. Pul-lease!
I took this picture the next morning around 8 am. We had to wake up early to follow through the tight schedule for that day.

Riding through Beijing on a weekday was hectic with traffic jams everywhere!
From the picture above, I chose to sit at the front of the bus. It was here that I caught the attention of a certain person. More updates on that later.

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Nava Krishnan said... [Reply]

I have not watch the show before but my other half who has been to Beijing did enjoy the show very much.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@nava krishnan... best you experience it yourself. hehehe. better accompany ur other half next time babe. =)

Unknown said... [Reply]

gimnas china mmg hebat...

aku xpernah gi pernah tgk show gimnas dari china buat show kat th mines...

JieJ said... [Reply]

Wah..'licak' nya badan budak2 tu Jard..aku pulak yang ngilu..heheh..

BTW, like ur new background colour..purple giteww..hehe..oh and your header tu!!awesome..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@jedi... hehe.. kat the mines pon bolehh..

@Jiej... tulah pasal. hehe.
thanks dear. sekali-skala tukar template. =p