Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beijing Trip Day 3 - Dr Tea and Kungfu Panda Show

I guess I was lucky to not buy anything from the factories that Ms. Lily brought us to, with the exception of the Bian Stone bracelet (for health reasons) and silk pillow/blanket convertible (innovative!). Other then that, my money was pretty much in tact for our shopping session on the fourth day. =)

Tea Tasting Session at Dr. Tea outlet.

I'm not a tea person. I'm a MILO with ICE person which isn't exactly healthy. Dr. Tea is one of those shopping places that we get to taste some good tea and then are persuaded to buy em.

I loved the tea tasting session, not so the persuading "please buy" part. =)

Dr. Tea's outlet from the outside.
Not much activity from the outside. You'd never expect what's gonna greet you inside. Hehehe.

Clockwise from upper left : Building, entrance, Tea lady, and the tea tasting room.
VIP room uols!
We get to taste four types of tea in small tiny cups. The expensive Pu'er Tea, Flower Tea and two others which I can't remember. I read this blogger's experience with Dr. Tea and it was hilarious!

But I gotta praise the interior design. So clean and spacious!
Lovely! Just plain lovely!
And thus the tea tasting session began.

Clockwise from upper left : color changing tea set, demonstrating tea making,
tea leaves, and finally the tea!
Say to the least, after I came back to Malaysia from Beijing, I came to enjoy tea much more! Even-though it's not Chinese tea. LOL.

From left: Customers bargaining with the prices and tea sets for sale.
The prices range from RMB 300 per tea box and if buy more will get discounts. If you're not careful, you'll most probably be spending at least RM500 at this place just for dried leaves. LOL. We actually got chased down to the bus by the tea lady because she wanted us to buy more for her to have enough sales' points. (whaddaa!!!!!@%$^?????)


I'm SAVED! hahaha. 

Next on the schedule....

Kungfu Panda Theater.

We arrived late as the show started at 7:30 pm. And our seats were at the second floor of the theater, so pictures weren't many. Heee...=p

Clockwise from upper left : Outside the theater, closing act,
view from second floor seats, and one of the acts.
It wasn't really REAL pandas. Just people in panda costumes displaying some sort of martial arts. Cool... but I was a bit too tired to enjoy much of the show. 

Heck... I just came back from the Great Wall of China! Hehehe.

And thus ends my adventure on Day 3. Tomorrow is another adventure.

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hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said... [Reply]

how's the taste of the tea? there are so many tea types in Beijing and it's cheap :D

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@hcworld.. the tea was nice.. the price not so. hehe.. maybe have to buy tea elsewhere

Aujinz said... [Reply]

haaaa.. masa kat sini saya cuma beli Teh Litchi jer dua tin.. sampai sekarang tak habis habis lagi.. kih kih kih