Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thailand Trip - Costs, Transport and Accomodations

Before you guys soak in the following information, I'd like to remind you that this trip was done overland. "Overland" means that all transportation within the countries were on land. None via airlines. This is what travelers call as backpacking overland. ^^

The route of the trip actually ended like this:

Kuala Lumpur - Hatyai - Krabi  (1 night) - Bangkok - Ayuthayya (2 nights) - Bangkok (1 night) - Hatyai - Kuala Lumpur

You could imagine how many buses and trains Rayyan (my backpacker travel partner) and I had to use to get to all of these places. So lemme share you the total expenditure of the trip, transport and accommodations included.

*I'll be assuming RM1.00 = 10 Baht


Clockwise from upper left : boat ride in Bangkok, a tuk-tuk in Krabi, bicycles and elephant rides in Ayuthayya, trains of Hua Lamphong Station at Bangkok

  • KL to Hatyai, Thailand : Via bus (takes 6 - 8 hours) from Puduraya, RM45.00
  • Hatyai to Krabi, Thailand : Via bus, 186 Baht = RM18.60
  • Took a tuk-tuk (local transport) from bus stop to hostel, 70 baht = RM7.00
  • Krabi to Bangkok, Thailand : Via bus ( 12 hours ) transit at Surat Thani, 455 Baht = RM45.50
  • Bangkok to Ayuthayya : Via train at Hua Lamphong Station ( approx. 2 hours), 15 Baht = RM1.50
  • Boat ride in Ayuthayya for temple touring - 150 Baht - RM15.00
  • Tuk-tuk from hostel to market - 60 Baht = RM6.00. Used it about 6 times = RM36.00
  • Ayuthayya to Bangkok : Via train to Hua Lamphong Station, 15 Baht = RM1.50
  • Bangkok to Hatyai : Via train from Hua Lamphong Station, 455 Baht = RM45.50 (source)
  • Hatyai to Kuala Lumpur : Via bus to Puduraya, 400 Baht = RM40.00
Total Transportation Costs = +/- RM255.60

  • Krabi - Pak Up Hostel (a trip advisor recommended, award winning hostel)
    • 220 Bhat = RM22.00 for all women dormitory with air condition
    • 200 Bhat = RM20.00 for normal dormitory
    • has a bar on the top floor with live music
Clockwise from upper left : Pak Up Hostel's exterior, shared washing area but toilets are genderalized, inside the dormitary, each bed with own private drawer under the bunks. 
  • Ayuthayya - Street Lamp Guesthouse
    • 100 Baht per person on a sharing basis
    • 200 Baht per room with two beds if you want some privacy alone.
    • has own bar and restaurant below it
    • laundry services are 40 Baht per kilogram
    • you can book boat rides to visit 3 temples - 150 Baht
Clockwise from left : my bed, guesthouse exterior, from outside the door of my room, the shower and sinks just outside my door.
  • Bangkok - New Siam Guesthouse
Clockwise from left : the exterior, the entrance, and the room.
For accommodations alone (one night at Krabi, two nights at Ayuthayya and one night at Bangkok), I spent about RM60.00 for FOUR nights in Thailand! (Cheaper since I shared during my stay in Bangkok)

I started traveling on a Sunday and arrived KL the next Saturday. Total traveling days were SEVEN days and SIX nights. Two nights were spent on a train/bus while the remaining four nights in hostels.

Cheap right? ^^

Overall expenditure for transport and accommodations alone is RM315.60. =)

OK, so now I'll blog about my whole experience and the amazing people I met during this trip. Till then, tata! ^^


babybugmum said... [Reply]

wahwah ko sudah jd backpacker pulok

Thristhan said... [Reply]

Wow, never would I believe traveling could cost so cheap. Hmmm, wish I had the time to join both of you.

Diana Diane Teo said... [Reply]

Travel to the fullest but with a low cost budget. Now, everyone can travel... Good sharing post!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@saza... hehe. pengaruh rakan sebaya

@thristhan... your lost tho. hehehe. a mighty one! coz don't think we can redo this route again. if we to do a trip later, has to be to somewhere different. ^^

@diane... spend within the budget was a challenge tho. hehe. thanks for dropping by here!

babybugmum said... [Reply]

yang penting kena rajin google/yahoo, memang leh travel murah..lagipun backpacker hostel kt overseas slalunya bersih..lagi satu tips yang best kalo dok backpacker hostel, durang pandai english..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@saza.. ahh... mmg diorg wajib berbahasa inggeris sbb rata2 yg tinggal kat sana omputih kot. hehe. hey.. zati dah tak backpack lagi doh ke?

ezzati said... [Reply]

kena backpack style bawak baby la skrg ni..pape pon kena consider budak kecik itu..hehe :p

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ezzati.. ehh.. tukar nama dah? hehe. hairan gak.. masa kau sibuk backpacking dulu, tak pula aku terfikir nak buat benda yg sama. rugi ohh tak buat dulu2 mase "muda". la neh buat mase "tuo" lak. keh keh keh!

En iLHAM said... [Reply]

dah lama tak bertandang kat sini. dah berubah betul blog ni. hehe

huyoo, takdelah mahal sangat kalau ikut overland ni yer. menambahkan lagi semangat daku nak melancong.

salam ramadhan

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@EN ILHAM.. wahh! lama giler kot tak jumpa kamu di ruangan komen blog ku! hehehehe!

yeahh.. aku tgh fokus pada satu topik je skang iaitu travel. ^^

Salam Ramadhan jugak beb!

Yooooob said... [Reply]

im going to krabi april next year but my flight already cost me rm250. hahaha. i survey some hostel already and mostly if u choose room with fan, the price would be cheaper right. but, i still prefer room with aircond. hehehhee. cemana nak jadi backpacker ni!

Arlida Abdullah said... [Reply]

Bestnyaaa!! count me in for ur next backpack trip please :)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@yob... next year ek? mahal gak flight ko! hehehe.

aircond mmg nice tp bukan selalu dok bilik pon. asyik berjalan je tu nnt. =p

@arlida... ok! nnt aku ajak!

Bro Yusri said... [Reply]

good travel ADVICE ...

Dan Arif said... [Reply]

Bas cap ape ko naik pegi hatyai tu? aku dulu naik macam kena RM60 kalo x silap.. cis!..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@bro yusri.. thanks. hehe

@dan arif.. seriously? RM60? *pengsan!

Aku guna bas Sri Mahkota klu tak silap. Dari puduraya. ok je. cap 2nd kelas kot. hehehe

ilyani said... [Reply]

thanks for the budget tips! Street Lamp will be in my list! was checking at agoda but the cheapest was rm35 yet far from center. I didnt usually book in advanced either but we'll be in ayutthaya+bangkok for 2.5 days only so hopefully we can secure a place rather than wasting time searching!