Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In Love with a Bangkok Guy - Part 3

After we went to meet some lady boys at Wat Benchamabophit and Pipi did his prayers to Buddha, we then headed to a lovely restaurant called In Love. I hope I didn't mislead you with the blogpost's title. Hehe.

The lavishly decorated seafood restaurant called In Love is situated strategically facing the Chao Phraya river with a stunning view of the Rama VIII bridge, lighted up and all.

The interior of In Love Bar and Restaurant at Bangkok, Thailand.
We entered through a canopy of tropical plants into the restaurant interior, which has both indoor and patio dining. Went to the second floor as the weather was wonderful and sat down. I've repeatedly reminded Pipi that I only ate Halal food and he said that this place is a Seafood restaurant and so I agreed for him to take us here. It was thoughtful of Pipi to consider our fasting situation and brought us to eat only during the night. ^___^

The view from our table, the spectacular Rama VIII bridge!
It was a very romantic setting and I was glad I wasn't alone with Pipi. That would've been awkward. Haha. LIVE music was being played and we made our orders. All seafood-based of course.

Thailand cuisine at it's best!
Sometimes food can be paled to comparison with the restaurant's rich atmosphere. But this is not the case with In Love. I can bravely say that the food was MARVELOUS!

The service was prompt and polite, abet the language barrier but having Pipi there made it all a lot easier. And we basically licked our plates with delight. (Exaggerated much?) Most importantly, the company was great!

Rayyan, Carmen and Pipi enjoying our dinner at In Love Restaurant and Bar.
If you guys are interested to go here, you could check the link here.  I can't comment on the price though as it was fully paid for. Hehehe...

Next stop...

........ PATPONG!! (After much persuading from my part! huh!) 


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