Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hours before #MSS2011 and I'm getting butterflies in my stomach

I'm at a disadvantage in terms of technology items. Only yesterday i tried tweeting with my mobile phone via SMS but failed miserably. I'm not sure how I can twitter on the go. Was contemplating on buying a new mobile phone but I didn't have the heart to intrude my savings any more. Alas Raya holidays has just passed and I can't afford another luxurious item at any cost. Even if it means losing my chance to win My Selangor Contest 2011.

Hopefully, I'll get through the whole five days and four nights. I still have my hefty camera to do some good. Hope to post really good entries as I really do want to appreciate the organizers for choosing me and organizing such a lovely program.

Tonight I'll start packing... but before that I must finish my work at the office first so that I can be at peace during the whole MSS2011 experience.

Lastly, my condolences to my office-mate who lost her eldest son early Sunday morning. Having to lost a husband just years before makes me fear for her future now that her sole pride has left her too. *my heart wepts for her, only GOD knows. =(

Another condolences to another office-mate who lost her mother just last week.



zonaku said... [Reply]

hotels do have computers for you, but more convenient to use your own. have your external HD around if still ok, and pray all the best for you.

owh, in terms of technology, i'm worse than you. no worries!


Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@zonaku.. thanks babe. my mobile can only call and sms. the most basic phone. huhu