Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#MSS2011 - Gearing up for Day 1 at Holiday Inn KL Glenmarie

I'm gearing up. Packing up my clothes from early this morning. I thought I couldn't sleep last night but I slept like a log! Hehehe.

Thinking of buying sunblock with SPF50. I got skin prone to sunburns and ugly redness. Huhu.
All I'm certain of is bringing lots and lots of sunblock as I've heard there'll be a lot of OUTDOOR activities.

Old shoes bought sometime in 2010. NEVER WORN! 
Yay! Need to pack some running shoes. Swimming wear? Ermm... *taking out black pants and shirts. Ahh. that will do. Maybe I'll take a swim or two in the hotel's swimming pool? Will determine later.

Two bags are enough for me. =)

Packed and gear up and will be making my way to Holiday Inn KL Glenmarie.... From that point on I'll have NO INTERNET ACCESS whatsoever and will completely depend on the good graces of the organizers and hotels for the next FIVE days.

Ohhhhhh I do hope I can get online there. Oh please dear god.


Till then. Wish me luck!

PS: need to bring my umbrella also. Weather wasn't all sunshine this past few days.


Va Va Voom said... [Reply]

Wah sioknya kamu Jard..btw Good Luck k..ambil gambar banyak2 nanti share di sini ;-)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@va va voom.. hehe. thanks sudi baca sini.ingat pembaca aku dah lari da..

eiela said... [Reply]

gud luck ok..

hazman aka species1980 said... [Reply]

rasanya confirm diorang provide internet access sebab nanti korang nak kena update post n gambar kan...

The Red Rambutan said... [Reply]

Sis, happy holiday @ Holiday Inn..:D

Unknown said... [Reply]

good luck jard..enjoyyyyyy