Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beijing Trip Day 2 - China Silk Factory

The thing with joining a group tour planned by the agency is that I wouldn't know how to get to the places we go (since we were driven there and I'll be asleep most of the time. LOL) and also won't be able to know the place's name.

Now that's a bummer.

What if I wanted to go there again, right? Especially places that aren't listed in the Travel Adviser website. Oh well, let the picture below become a reference in the future lest I come visit again. Hehe.

The Silk Factory in Beijing!
It looked like an igloo to me. Hehe. Once inside, we were given explanation by a guide there. Didn't take his picture though because I was preoccupied with the silk worm's life cycle on their wall.

So they use silk worms to produce China Silk eh?
New knowledge for me. I never knew that silk were from worms! Haha. So ignorant of me right?

They kept this worm in a jar. It was sooooooo longggggggg!!!
Thank god I wasn't the squeamish type. Better to gawk then squeal. Erk! More pictures below.

China Silk in the making.
Clockwise from left : Jars of actual silkworms in every cycle of their lives, stack of cocoons, dead silkworms from inside the cocoons, and last, the big sewing machine to produce cloth.

The cocoons of the silk worms are made from silk. So before they become moths, that will be the best time to get their cocoons for their silk. The silk is then used as thin threads to make any cloth possible. I noticed that China Silk is sold in abundance in Carrefour Wangsa Maju. Wonder if it's the same kind?

The guide showing the latest silk products.
The promoters were keen on selling their bedroom silk products after explaining the origins of silk. I didn't fancy their prices though as I was on a tight budget.

Divide the prices by half and you get it in Ringgit Malaysia.
Unfortunately I didn't survive their smart marketing skills. I left the building with a China Silk product that costed RM75 per piece. A pillow!!! HAHAHAHA... most expensive pillow thus so far in my lifetime. Woes is me! *will be sleeping with it from this night onwards! Next stop would be the Summer Palace! That will be on my next entry. ^^

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And least but last, thankyou for reading! ^^


tester said... [Reply]

does that mean to get silk, the worm can't be a moth and has to die?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ef.ea... yeppp.. becoz all the cocoons had silk worms in them...

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

almost like to get the pearls.. you have to get it from DEAD oysters. hehe.

Unknown said... [Reply]

wah menarik...aku xpernah tengok diorang proses sutera...

good luck jard...

Thristhan said... [Reply]

All the best in Winning that category ya? I'm running for it too :)

Farikica said... [Reply]

Hello, this is my 1st time visiting..

I enjoyed visiting Beijing but i disliked the shopping tour.. i think it's too much and wasting time. When visiting Beijing, u need to be resistant to all shopping aspects esp the persuasive sales person...:)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@jedi... thanks.. =)

@thristhan... hehe. best of luck to u too beb.

hazman aka species1980 said... [Reply]

Hurmm.... kalau gi china nei kena tahu skit2x mandarin baru leh membantu time nak bargain....huhuhu

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@hazman.. aku tahu ckp "thankyou" ja dlm chinese dgn "tak mahu"! hahaha..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@farikica.. thanks dear for commenting. Yeah.. I too thought it was no fun being forced to visit all those "factory" shopping places. they only gave us 3 hours of shopping, our own time at the open market and it wasn't enuf! haha

JieJ said... [Reply]

Ko tidur Jard dlm bas??astaga..hehehe

Thanks Jard for sharing the info..first time tgok secara live (even dari pic jak pun..hehe)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@jiej.. hehe. aku mudah tertidur dalam kenderaan yg bergerak. my weakness.
thanks too fr reading!

Unknown said... [Reply]

Hi Jard,

Saya berminat dgn kilang sutera ni. Boleh tau tak kat mana lokasi kilang ni dlm Beijing?

Unknown said... [Reply]

Hi Jard,

Saya berminat dgn kilang sutera ni. Boleh tau tak kat mana lokasi kilang ni dlm Beijing?

Unknown said... [Reply]

Hi Jard,

Saya berminat dgn kilang sutera ni. Boleh tahu tak di mana lokasi kilang ni dalam Beijing?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@ pips haz...

Hi... maaf.. dah lama trip ke beijing ni.. sy pun tak pasti kedudukan kilang ini sebab bergantung sepenuhnya dengan tour guide yg bawa aku ke sini.