Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beijing Trip Day 3 - Donghuamen Food Night Market

We went to a tea tasting session and then to a Kungfu Panda Live show before heading here. I guess I'll blog about that later depends on my mood though. Hehe.

Donghuamen Night Market is known to open only at nights and closes around 10pm. It is located in the northern end of China's most famous shopping street - Wangfujin, in Beijing.

When Fie and I showed up here, men wearing red caps were calling us saying "Halal food! Halal food!" Since it wasn't nice to simply ignore them, I came by to say hello and took a picture of them. Unfortunately for them, I left my wallet in the bus. LOL.

The ONLY halal food at the night market. 
I walked down the street and observed the various foods and delicacies being sold there. And to my delight and shock.... I found these exotic food being sold.
Clockwise from upper left - Fried centipedes, silkworms, water beetles,
snakes, sheep penis (whaddahel?), and longhorns.
The stall owner kept hitting me with a stick because I was taking photos of the dishes with no intention of buying. HAHA.

The price? It ranges from RMB 15 to RMB 50 with the below as the most expensive food ever.
Oh-Em-Geeeeeeeee!!! Fried KING SPIDERS anyone?
I believe the picture below is the most popular dish around because only 8 left before close-up. LOL. Must be tasty. Lalala...

Full of protein, I reckon.
Thank god I already had my dinner because after feasting my eyes on these types of food would've caused lost of appetite. =)

Pic credit to Fie as testimony that I've been here!
I don't take much pictures of myself so most of my pictures were taken by Fie's camera. Since she's super busy, she managed to post only one blogpost on our Beijing trip. Do read her post. =)

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Unknown said... [Reply]

aiyooo geli aaaa tenguk makanan tu semua..bestnya dapat gi jalan percuma

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@kakina.. takde la percuma. tiket flight plus pakej upgradde kena byr sendiri. hehehe

Jard The Great said... [Reply]
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JieJ said... [Reply]

Jard..tu makan mcm mana tu????panggang ka???eiks..geli pulak ni..mcm2 pulak boleh di makan ya..heheh

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@jard... hahaha.. yepp.. panggang bahh