Saturday, November 10, 2012


Where I met @bdont @riekegvn @dinda_param . ^^

It's a long overdued post. I've been busy with work, life and travelling. Only when I'm about to fly to another destination was I able to overcome this writer's block. Hehe.

Bromo.... the most memorable trip ever where I backpacked with a very pregnant lady. Us both with Bromo in mind, but only one was allowed to climb it. Sadly, she had to stay back at the hotel due to her condition while I woke up at 4 am to start the journey.

We stayed at Yoschi Hotel at Probolinggo 
My only comment on this hotel, "it's shitty, expensive, with no hot water in-room and you can't even boil your own water!"

Ok, carrying on with my climb to catch the first rays of light descending on earth...

Since I was gonna be alone, I had to share a jeep with a whole lot of strangers. Seven ladies (including me) were cramped into this jeep below. I sat at the back. The jeep fee per person was only RP 125,000. If you want to rent a jacket, add another Rp 25,000. I actually did that and regretted it later! Much, much later. Haha! Read on to know why.

We went on this jeep. Walked and climbed about 2.5 km and did our subuh prayers right there and then! (seen at bottom right picture)
After we've done that, we waited with a whole bunch of others as the sun came onto the horizon. Spreading rays of beautiful sunlight onto the darkness below us. Suddenly everything became clear and I could finally see the surroundings!

Seen here were my new friends trying to get a better view while climbing onto some ledge. Hehe.
I was of course mesmerized with the view along with so many others and had to take a picture. Haha. *jakun wei!

Blissfully happy, even-though I had to carry dead weight. (the much unneeded heavy jacket I rented!)
Why unneeded? I was actually feeling feverishly hot during the climb and had to free myself from the jacket. Haha! And now I had to carry it everywhere I go! Pffft!

Oh well, at least the company was good. ^__^

Them, Indonesians students I came to get acquainted with during the climb. Lovely girls. Hehe.
Will continue with Bromo part 2.... soon hopefully. =p


Zara AB said... [Reply]

I'm currently writing about Bromo as well. U naik from Penanjakan Point 2 kan? Bile you gi?

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@zara AB... tak tahu pula naik kat mana. hahaha. Aku pergi dalam dua bulan lepas klu tak silap. hehe.