Friday, November 30, 2012

India Visa Application at IVS Global Kuala Lumpur

If truth should be told, this is one of the most difficult visas I've ever applied for. Reason being, I was not applying for a tourist visa (which is a very straightforward process) and reason number two, why the hell do they have so many TYPES of visa??? Hehehe.

The door to "India".
IVS Global India Visa Center
G-01, Ground Floor, Straits Trading Building, 
No. 2, Lebuh Pasar Besar, 
50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Tel. No: 006 03 2692 2692 
Fax: 006 03 2698 2692
Oh ya, all the information could be read from this website.

I'll be going to India for training and so I stopped by IVS Global India Visa Center near the textile Museum on Lebuh Pasar Besar just to research on the application process. One of my bad habits is dislike reading and prefers asking from a direct source for information. Haha.

During my first time there, I had to queue up while an officer checks each application form and its supporting papers. If the documents needed are complete, he'll give you a number and your application is approved.
Your application form will be inspected first before you can hand in for visa stamping.
Unfortunately, my application form was faulty and I was told to pay RM20 to change the details of my application form (I didn't fill in my full name as stated in the passport and my type of visa was wrong). Arghhh..

The good thing about this center is they provide picture taking for visa, photostat service and form refilling for a fee. I went to change my form and then to the counter, hoping to finally get the "number", Again I was told that there's something wrong with the form and asked me to wait for their boss. Another arghhhh!!!

I eventually waited  a full hour. T__T

I met with the boss, a specky guy who has near-sighted problem (*haha. memandai je aku. bluekk) and visible white strands of hair among-st a mop of dark ones. Annoyed. Me. He was tall and had an air of superiority but that didn't scare me. I immediately went to him as I wanted this thing to be settled once and for all!

And after that dreadful long wait... ALL I had to do was change the type of visa to type "X". I'm not gonna pay another RM20 for another form and decided to fill it myself at home, print at the office and come again. Pffft!!

So fortunately, my second visit to the office was smoother than the first. And three days later... I collected my visa. *happy

Total damage:

Retyped Form - RM20.00
Visa "X" - RM313.56
Text Message - RM2.00 (I have no idea why they charge this. O.O")

RM335.56 for THIS........

Ps: Flying to India tomorrow. Bye guysss!

Muah! Muah! Muah!


Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

I hate seeing your visa ahahaha...
Lucky for Indonesian, we don't need to apply visa first, we get VoA haha. weeeeeeeksss :p

btw business visa is complicated, just fill tourist lah haha

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@alid... hahahaha.. *gelak setan. YESS.. ada orang jeles!

I'm not allowed to apply as a tourist or I'll be denied entry. Heee. Lucky Indonesians. =P

ilyani said... [Reply]

have fun! miss my days in the exotic land too! which part of india are you actually?