Friday, November 23, 2012

The 3 Men I Fell in Love With in Indonesia

Guy no. 1The guy I met on the airplane. =p

Seat 23E, my destined seat on a plane to Semarang, Indonesia from KL. It wasn't a seat I'd prefer but being a budget flyer, I dare not complain. I trudged along the aisle with my heavy rucksack to my seat and was met with two guys already sitting at 23 D and 23 F respectively.

I panicked. I'm gonna be sandwiched by guys!

The guy nearest to the aisle stood up to give way for me to get in. Once seated, I began fumbling with the magazines in the front pocket. I've read the inflight magazine so many times but to hide my discomfort, I began flipping through it anyways.

"Going back?" asked the guy on my right in thick Indonesian slang.
"Oh, sorry, I'm a Malaysian. On a holiday!" I flashed him a smile, glimpsing sheepishly sideways just to see how he looks like. He smiled back! *pengsan

I looked back at the magazine.

"Where to?" he decided to have small talk.
"Oh... somewhere. Hehe" I wasn't gonna share my travel details with no stranger!

Once in the air and in between dozing off and daydreaming, I heard him chuckle beside me. I got curious and asked him why. "The women at the back are Jawanese but they're conversing in Malay. Hehehe" he chuckled some more.

I began ears-dropping the conversation from the back seats and joined in the laugh! And that shared joke broke the ice between us. Next thing I know we were sharing details about our jobs in KL, places we visited and more. He conversed in good Malay with me and I was thoroughly impressed. (Aside him being extremely cute also helped. Haha!)

"Come to my kampung. I'll serve you some local dishes!" he invited when the plane was about to land. He even gave me directions on how to get there.
"You're cooking?" I asked.
"No lah, my mom! Haha!" Oh Em Gi!!! He's still single???!! Hyper mode on. LOL. I invited him to join me in Yogyakarta since he'll be in Indonesia for a month. So he left me his name and contact details.


I never did get back to him............. =P

Guy no. 2 - My wish is his command.

I slowly took out my camera after noticing a truck with a high load of cardboard boxes on it. "You wanna take a picture of that" the driver beside me asked in Indonesian. I nodded. I was never good with conversing and pretty much stayed quiet most of the time.

He slowed down and drove behind this truck so that I can snap a clear picture of it. ^__^
The Indonesian girls I was traveling with were fast asleep at the back seat. Which leaves him and me the only ones awake, threading through traffic to get to Kudus from Semarang. And the most natural thing happened. We chatted the whole way.

A supposedly 3 hours drive became only less than an hour and a half. He was a very FAST and CAREFUL driver. I dig guys who drives well. Hahaha! And realizing he was driving fast so that he can send me to the Semarang's train station before 8 pm only made me fall even harder!

His looks didn't help me either. T___T He's a young lad, artistically dressed and wore an amusing half hat. Imagine an Indonesian dressed as below.

And he was cheeky too! (Source of pic)
The turn-off?

He's not a muslim. Hehehehe. =P

Guy no 3 - Secret.

Ok Bye!


♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said... [Reply]

Amboi Jard!


Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@lord zara... hahahahaha! =P

What's a journey without some opposite attractions?

HEMY said... [Reply]

hmm hmmm...kena simpan duit la nak pergi kenduri kawin belah indon niiii

udez said... [Reply]

The first guy!!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@hemy... hamboihhhhhhhhhh.. ke situuu plakkkkkk.... hahahaha!

@udez... I wasn't ready for any relationship at the moment. =P

saiful mohamed said... [Reply]

semoga jodoh itu semakin dekat. hehe

Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

I'm waiting for the secret one hahaha

Bella Enveeus said... [Reply]

Ahem. Yang "secret" tu yg best..
*pricks interest*

Unknown said... [Reply]

SECRET tu sapaaa hahahah.

helgaindra said... [Reply]

ciyeeee pake di secret segala
hahahahaha :))

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@saypool.. aminkan je la. hehehe

@alid... the sevret will be brought to my grave. hehehe

@bella... ehemm.. never telling. lalala. =p

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@aimi... siapa yaaaaaa??? hehehehe. =P

@helga... mestilahh.. ishhh.. cannot tell sesuka hati. Baru seronok. =)