Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Borrowed Men Sandals in Jakarta

I just came out from the fifth floor woman's toilet at some telco office building in Central Jakarta. Newly bathed and changed into clean clothes after 24 hours from my last bath, I came out feeling FRESH! I just spent the night before on a train from Semarang to Jakarta.

With rucksack securely saddled on my back, I was met with my friend sitting outside on a sofa with his hand-phone. (Later I found out that he messaged me but I didn't read it in time. So he must have opted to wait outside. haha.) He was also newly bathed and into different set of clothes from the last time I saw him.

"Done?" he asked.
"Yes, let's eat! Am hungry!" I chirped!

We went back to his office floor (ground floor) to place my bags for safe-keeping. Suddenly he asked the size of my shoes. I didn't respond but he guessed correctly on his first try and lent me a pair of men sandals. I was wearing my flippers which I always bring with me during my travels. I was hesitant to part with them just yet.

"Those slippers aren't allowed in the office. Wear these instead." He reasoned with me, handing me the sandals. Making a face, I obliged. Ok fine! I was too tired and hungry to start an argument.

Arghh! Men Sandals!
I wore those men sandals to the cafeteria behind the office to get a bowl of chicken rice porridge. (His treat. =P)\ Darn, it was DELICIOUS!!
Only in Jakarta. And so I was told. =)
Continued to wear those men sandals to Monas located just in front of his office building. It was also his place to jog in the mornings. Most probably in men sandals too. Lalala!

And those men sandals also accompanied me to the many museums of Kota Tua Jakarta which we traveled to via Transjakarta (an efficient city bus operator with designated road lane to avoid bad traffic jams). Bank Mandiri Museum , Bank Indonesia Museum, and Wayang Museum were the places we went to.

And still "comfortably" wearing those men sandals, I eventually forgot all about my flippers and wore them to my host's house for the night. My place to crash that night in Jakarta was provided by his female office-mate who lives nearby, Ehem.. =P

More often than not those damn men sandals caused me to trip a couple of times. It's got something to do with too much space in the toes' area. (oh god, I sound ungrateful. Hahahaha)

Nonetheless, nice to know that my shoe size is the same as his. LOL! *malu


Ps: His take on my visit to Jakarta can be read here --->


Alid Abdul said... [Reply]

this post is about Helga's sandal? hmmm

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@alid... iyaa mas. hahahaha!

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said... [Reply]

You make men's sandals sound so bad!

Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.
Duncan In Kuantan

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@duncan.. hehehe. sorry, my bad. They are OK. Did say it became comfortable in the end.

Farikica said... [Reply]

hi... it's either yr shoe size is large or yr friend's size is too small...ha..ha...

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@farikica... and nobody's gonna know. hahaha. let ONLY me and my friend know. =P

hlga said... [Reply]

muhahaha saya baru baca tulisan ni kak

esok kalo ke jakarta saya kasih pinjam sendal lagi nih :p