Thursday, September 29, 2011

#MSS2011 Enjoy First, Blog Later

It wasn't compulsory to blog on the go. So, not everyone brought a laptop during this trip lest a few bloggers. The schedule of the trip is a bit HARDCORE. Not suitable for the faint heart or prone to other sickness. A blogger did withdrew from the contest after given the option to go on.

So far, before I fully blog about the events that we did today...

...we went...
  • sailing
  • canoeing/kayaking
  • cycling tour
  • low-tide tour
  • Kampungku show by Golden Palm Tree Resort
And tonight will be our SECOND night at this prestigious 5-star resort. And frankly speaking, I'm quite terrified of what we'll be doing tomorrow.

My feet are sore, knees are aching and my skin on feet, hands and face got blotches of redness from the sun. But hell ya!!! I had loads of fun!

Till I reach home and blog with pictures. Have to be content with this for a moment. =)

PS: beach boys are quite fetching. =p


Sya Isya said... [Reply]

tomorrow will be the real hardcore

madammondoq said... [Reply]

u.. tak buta video contest maybelline tu ke?