Monday, October 3, 2011

The WONDERFUL people of #MSS2011 - Part 1

Here's my 1st blogpost on My Selangor Story 2011. Off record.

"Oh Blimey! Jard, it's a competition! Wake-up! Don't get too close with your RIVALS because in the end you'll end up beating up the crap of each-other, backstabbing, pulling some strings (as if I got any...) and other stuff just to keep ahead in the game." whispered the greedy devil sitting on my left shoulder.

"Focus Jard! FOCUS! Focus on the award you'll be winning!"

I shrugged "it" off my left shoulder. The devil came again and again through out the five day trip. But as friendships bonded among the chosen bloggers, the trip felt less and less like a competition and more like a journey of self-discovery and life-changing experience.

And this kind of bond lasts. Like forever. =)
Front row: Feeq, Fie, Dian, TC, Bella
2nd Row: Zaid, Hanis, Saleh, Ester, Oliv, Suzan, Siti
3rd Row: Nigel (just the hair!), Gita, Danial, Rizma, Hijrah, Helgar, Hafeez, ME, Ros
30 bloggers were chosen and invited to join a grueling 5 days 4 nights trip organized by Horizon Communications. Other main sponsors/organizers were Tourism Selangor, Firefly, Holiday Inn, Golden Palm Tree Resort, Awana Genting, The Cube (Celcom) and The Mix (a pub). But this post was not written to explain about the sponsors (which I'll explain in depth on later posts). But mostly to share my views on each and everyone of the cool participants of #MSS2011. 

Let's proceed! Starting from back row.

1Low Hon Wai aka Nigel (

A PRO with his humongous camera!
Nigel, a very friendly guy. Always behind his camera. Taking pictures of every precious moment. A gentleman, helping girls with their bags. We celebrated his birthday during the third night with a twist. A twist that involves a very,very DARK JUNGLE and blindfolded some more. Hehehe. He got sick during the end of the trip and missed the closing ceremony. But we bloggers do wish that he'll win the Best Photography Award for all his troubles. =p

He's only 18 years old! 
The baby of the crowd since he's the youngest. Every time we meet he'd be all smiling and full of greetings. "Hi! Hello!" And also a shutterbug that loves taking pictures of himself... and himself. =p

He's also known as the "Unyu" of the group. Which means adorable in the Indonesian language. And believe me, this kid is totally adorable. Wish you could just pinch his cheeks whenever he starts smiling. Lolz. 

3. Andi Gita Fitri Martasiyah Dala (

A future doctor.
Andi Gita and I shared a room during our stay at the Longhouse Awana Genting. Along with 4 other girls. More of that later. 

I've noticed that Gita and another participant named Saleh were very close. She carries his passport and other valuables. And they kinda go everywhere together. It was a bit later that I learnt that they both studied medicine together at the same university. Hehehe. La..... Patutlahhhh.. She's a vibrant person. Quiet at times (same like me) but friendly all the same.

4. Hijrah Saputra (

A heart-throb?
He has made quite an impression on the girls. And so I heard. Though I'm not the gossiping type but I feel that he has gained quite a number of "secret" admirers among the female participants. The thing I remember most about him is his signature dance which would be his "hands slapping hip dance". Funny! Hehe. I wonder if anyone caught that on tape? That'd be awesome! =p

5. Helga Indra Rumana (

My favorite guy participant!
He helped a lot during the Tears of the Sun activity at Genting. (Again, more about that later.) He and I were in the same team with 3 others. A team player and ever so helpful. Very polite (he called me kakak), shy and not that much of a talker but alas so was I. Maybe because I don't quite understand the Indonesian language much. I wish to improve. =) 

I've learnt that he takes beautiful pictures with his small camera and he has yet to realize how talented he can be! He has the photographer eye. Still a student but cool nonetheless!

6. Hafiz Rashidi Ramli (

A PHD on the way!
I believe he's an avid traveler by the looks of his blog. Shy and a private person as he seldom posts any of his pictures online. But he's a reliable person. I could simply call out to him and he'll be at your side in a flash. I nave never put that into practice but he does gives me that kind of impression. Lolz. Pretty helpful in carrying the girls' luggage. And to top that, he's on his way to be a PHD holder.

So next time we meet, will it be Prof Madya Hafiz? Hik hik hik. BTW, kudos on having your first bike ride during the cycling tour! You were very brave and determined indeed! (He claims he never rode a bicycle before.)

7. Chakkiyath Rosemarie John (

Due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to withdrew from joining any further. Her presence was missed as she was suppose to share a villa with me during our stay at Golden Palm Tree Resort at Sepang. I pray for her well-being as she is still a part of #MSS2011 like the rest of us. Hope we cross paths again. =)

And with that I finish part 1. Hope I'll continue with part 2. Kui kui kui.

Till then. Good night!



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Comel bangat!!!! Kikiki.. :D

Fie-Nuts said... [Reply]

ahh.. I was doing something like this halfway and i saw this! hehe great minds think alike! haha. but nicely said.. and i agree that the people is the most charming part of the journey.. :)

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@farhana.... hehehe. yg mana satu comel beb. =p

@fienuts.. my adorable roommie! Can't wait to read your side of the story! =)

The Wanderer said... [Reply]

Love love love this post! A great introduction to the world of MSS2011! Can't wait to read about other participants! Muahahahahhaah!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@the wanderer.. hahaha. later on tonight! wait ahhhhhhh

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hurmm... ramai indon blogger yea...

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kurang sikit tuh linknya
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very nice post!