Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#MSS2011 - Check in at Golden Palm Tree, Sepang Goldcoast

Bags ready, bus fully packed and off we go.

I sat all alone at one row on the bus. The bus was spacious enough that most of us had two seats just for one person. One seat for me and the other for my bags. Not a good way to start knowing other people though.

The tourist guide on the bus was a young woman named Farhana. A bubbly and talkative person who knows Malaysian culture inside out. It was a very interactive session with her. And for one being only 18 years old and doing this touring guide as a part-timer has really surprised me! Kids nowadays seem to grow up maturely so fast! I faintly remembered what I did when I was 18 years old and believe me, finding a part-time job was not one of them. =p

Farhana had eyes only for Danial. 
I was in and out of drowsiness and dreamland. Heard laughter and giggles from time to time in the bus. But my mind kinda wandered off as I got lulled to sleep by the drumming of the bus's engine. I make it habit that every-time I wasn't behind the wheel, I'll be sleeping instead. I could fall asleep almost on any moving object. Airplanes, buses, LRTS, commuters and even on a taxi. I believe I have missed my stops many times because of this habit. Haha.

Watching the scenery pass by.
At times, I'd glance out the window and catch some pictures as we past by. The sun was going down and I have no idea at when we'll be reaching our destiny.

Sun disappearing behind dense trees.
Heading off to KLIA so it seems. Dozing back to sleep again.

When we finally reached our destination, I was still drowsy from sleep that by the time I was fully awake, we were already sitting at the lobby of the resort and waiting for our names to be called out. Ms Amelia was passing out our keys into groups of four.

My house-mates were going to be Pamela, Rose, and Olivya. And we were roomies for two nights in a row.
Waiting anxiously for our names to be called out.

We were given light refreshments. (Seen on the table)
Each and everyone of us were given two cards. One card was the key to our rooms and another card was called the meal card. The meal card was to be presented every-time we went for a bite. "No card, No Food," warned the organizer.

The map of Golden Palm Tree.
Each group of four were given a villa on stilts which faces the Straits of Malacca. The luxurious villa that we would be accommodating was called the Canary Palm Villa that has two bedrooms. Below are the Golden Palm Tree Resort room rates. Rates are per person per night and it varies depending on how many people are staying there.

Travelers Palm Villas - RM730.80++
Premier Travelers Palm Villa - RM788.80++
Canary Palm Villas - RM1763.20++ (We stayed here!!!)
Ivory Palm Villas - RM1995.20++
Royale Palm Villas - RM3549.60++

Picture from their website.
The prices are inclusive of Breakfast. For more information, please do call 03-3182 3600. Or simply visit their website :

With those prices, I could only imagine on what kind of people that stayed here. If I were to meet a millionaire as a potential husband, this could be the perfect place. Haha. But I honestly think that I'lll NEVER afford such accommodation and suddenly feel blessed for getting such an opportunity via MSS2011.

The Canary Palm Villa : Interior

My room shared with Olivya. =)
The villa offered the comfort of spacious layouts, classic wood furnishings and you could see that the flooring is wooded as well! I once stayed at a villa on stilts at some island in Sabah but it's a far outcry compared to this!
Pamela's room shared with Rose.
Being on top of the ocean, I thought there'll be a cool sea breeze when I opened the patio's door. But to my dismay, the night was so still that only the waves were moving. Hurmmm... where did the winds go?

Offers modern amenities. 
I remembered opening the TV and didn't know how to make it function. HAHA. Being foolish and 'jakun' as I am, I called room service to help me with the problem. It happened after dinner which we had at Sepoi-sepoi Restaurant. It took a while for them to come as they need buggies to move around on the resort grounds. Silly me!

Spacious enough for buggies to pass through.
After sending our bags to our room, Pamela, Olivya and I then headed to Sepoi-sepoi Restaurant to get our dinner. By this time I was really, really hungry! be continued..........

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Sharinginfoz said... [Reply]

cantik betul tempat ni

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@sharinginfoz... sgt cantik. harus tengok belah siang lak. (hint: next entry) hehehe.

JieJ said... [Reply]

Hai Jard...wah untung nya kau dapat stay situ..aku tgok gambar jak lah..heheh..bah jan lupa update lagi ya, baca blog mu saja sudah cukup..hehehhe...

Mr feckry said... [Reply]

menarik betui

suzannita said... [Reply]

okey, I'm agree with you Jard, that's lovely place ^~^

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@mr feckry.. meh gilah honeymoon ke sana! hehe

@suzan... hehe. terima kasih.

The Wanderer said... [Reply]

Reading everyone's post about GPT makes it so much more nicer to go there again. :) Ah that comfy bed!

Haha didn't know Farhana had eyes on Daniel only ;)

Unknown said... [Reply]

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