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#MSS2011 - Team Building at Awana Genting Longhouse

Our arrival at Genting Highlands was delayed due to heavy rainfalls which immediately caused traffic jams throughout the whole ride. But we were welcomed by 'bunga manggar' and staff of Awana Genting.

We then were showed into a cafe where the officiating and introduction of Resort World Genting was done by Dato Anthony Yeo (SVP of PR Communications Genting Malaysia Berhad).

Dato Anthony Yeo introducing us the eco adventure bought to you by Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort..
Great photos from this welcoming party could be read and seen from Tian Chad's post entited Eco Adventure @ Awana Genting Longhouse. After having our fill of light refreshments and food, we then grabbed our backpacks and cameras to make our long and almost treacherous hike up the hill to our stay for the night. Our heavy luggage were sent earlier.

The trail up the hill from Awana to Longhouse.
And alas to our delight, after humping and grumping up the trail, we were stopped to undergo an outdoor activity called abseiling, also known as 'climbing downwards'. We were strapped into our climbing gear (harness, helmet, gloves), and up the hill we climbed in which we'll be abseiling downwards later.

The art of abseiling and maybe some room for romance? hehe
About Abseiling
Abseiling or Rappelling is the technique of descending through the use of a fixed rope. This is either done after a climb (going back to the base of the climb), in trying new climbing routes, or where there is difficult access (e.g. sea cliffs) to the start of the climb.

Always bear in mind that Abseiling is a very dangerous technique. There are so many things that can happen in doing this activity. This includes the occurrence of a jammed Climbing Rope, equipment failure, ropes cutting through sharp edges or rocks, and other incidents that are risky to the abseiler. Take note that any of these can happen even if you think you have done everything to ensure your safety
. (source)
Who would've thought that on our first day at Genting Highlands we were taught the descending climbing technique called abseiling? The plywood exit down the hill is only meant for beginners. But once in the real world of climbing, this technique will surely be handy and dangerous.

Me, abseiling backwards. (picture credit to Olivya)
And Andi Gita right behind me. (Again, picture credit to Olivya)
I did this activity twice. Once in a backwards position and another with my body facing forward. Both experience were thrilling to do.

There are numerous activities to do here that promotes team building, nurture love for nature, and enjoying the simple things in life, away from modern amenities. The Team Building programs especially designed to cater corporations, schools and clubs alike can be read about Awana Genting website.

And below are the rates for Eco Sports Activities made available here. Needs minimum of 5 people to join.
  • Indoor Abseiling: RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
  • Indoor Rock Climbing: RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
  • Outdoor Abseiling: RM30 per adult; RM20 per child
  • Outdoor Flying Fox: RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
I'm seriously thinking about organizing a trip here for my officemates. =)

But for now, these are my mates for the program. (Picture credit to
After the abseiling activity, we then headed to Awana Genting Longhouse to freshen up before having dinner. We were not the only group there to enjoy what Awana Genting has to offer. We saw camps being put up at only a distance from our longhouse.

You could choose to camp out or the longhouse.
Thankfully, we won't be sleeping on hard grounds tonight. =)
Below are the rates for the longhouse and campsite accomodation. Also could be downloaded here.

Rates are copied from this source.

Tonight we'll be having a seafood fiesta and later-on a Blind Trail activity. Till then... be continued..........

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Hahahahaha! Fy's laughing like mad looking at the group photo TC took of us. Love that photo :) Everyone looked super happy!

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@the wanderer.... Tian CHad is great at catching the most perfect moments ehh? hehe

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Bagus sih your posts ! All very fun n informative :) Mmg la blogger otai yg low profile hehehe

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