Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#MSS2011 - The Launching of My Selangor Story 2011 @ The Mix

Situated at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie, The Mix is a trendy bistro that turns into a a great place to party with live music and top class DJs. All the participants for MSS2011 were gathered here for the launching of My Selangor Story 2011. Below are the organizers, partners and sponsors for MSS.

Official Tourism Board: Tourism Selangor
Official Airline: Firefly
Official Hotel: Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
Official Resort & Spa: Golden Palm Tree
Official Resort: Resort World Genting
Official Internet: The Cube
Official Restaurant: The Mix
Official Camera: Pentax

When I first arrived there with my bags and stuff, I was greeted by the MSS team. Banners were placed at the entrance and the place itself was specifically booked to house the special occasion.

My first photo of the guys. Them, were attentively listening to Amelia.
I thought I was the earliest blogger there. But thankfully Nigel and Hafiz were there first. They were the FIRST bloggers I met that day. Amelia who was the main correspondent to all the participants' inquiries via email and also the organizer was also among the first to greet us. 

Interior of upper deck

Located on the second floor at a theater like sitting area with leathered covers.
The whole place itself defined elegance at its best. The area is also suitable to hold private parties with a clear view of the stage below if there's any live band of course. Have to wait for night-time to know what I mean. =p

Here is where the My Selangor Story 2011 began. At this very stage. =)
I had mix feelings. Even though I was on approved leave from my job, but I kept getting work related phone calls. It was hard to enjoy myself fully. But excitement for MSS has overcame the dreaded feeling and I stayed on.

View from above

A clear view of the stage below.
The place was pretty empty as I waited anxiously for the other bloggers to come. Many of the bloggers were flown in by Firefly via the Subang Airport which is situated just a few minutes away. In no time, the seats were filled one by one as the bloggers, media and partners alike came piling in. 

The Press Conference

Last year's winner did an openning speech.
Dian Azura Muhammad Ghiathuddin managed to infuse enthusiasm among the hopefuls. Capturing her MSS2010 experience in a speech is one mighty effort but inspiring nonetheless. Who knows, maybe next year it will be me on that stage giving the same speech. *wink. =p

Amelia Tan the fierce yet fun organizer.
While Ms Amelia Tan managed to infuse fear with her speech. LoL. Just kidding. As the mastermind of this contest, she briefed us on its birth and what's to come in the itinerary.

Guest of honor, YB Elizabeth Wong.
YB Elizabeth Wong is the EXCO for Tourism, Environment & Consumer Affairs. She pretty much summed up on Selangor's capacity in becoming a popular tourism spot and the underlying roles that My Selangor Story has played.

The organizer, partners and sponsors. 

They seemed very happy as they got bombarded by flashes from cameras of various shapes and sizes.

See, told ya! ;)
Food was aplenty. But whose got an appetite when there were lots of introductions and greetings to pass around? The Indonesian bloggers were sure a vibrant and friendly lot! 

And to seal the afternoon before departing to our next destination, a group photo was taken.

All smiles!
In truth, when this photo was taken, I didn't even know the names of more than half of them. And so the journey of friendship bonding begins together with the discovery of Selangor but before that...... 
...here's a short clip on the events that happend today.

......... to be continued..........

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thanks kak. sgt happy. tak menang takpa. yg penting memori indah yg tercipta. aiseh!