Friday, October 7, 2011

#MSS2011 - Daily Activities at Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa

We had the whole day spent at Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa. Our itinerary includes outdoor sports activities at the Smiley Beach, bicycle tour and a low-tide tour.

But before heading to the beach with our outdoor attire, we first had breakfast at Bila-Bila Restaurant situated at the heart of the resort which is also known as the Club House.

This ala-carte buffet restaurant serves an extensive variety of cold starters, poolside food, international and local cuisines and deserts in a relaxed setting complemented with broadband and wireless internet connectivity. (quoted  from website)

Breakfast by the Infinity Swimming Pool was totally awesome!
Breakfast ala buffet style is included with the room rates. I've never experienced having breakfast beside the sea and it was truly totally AWESOME! I felt almost like floating. Haha.

Awwww.. and during breakfast Nigel was a dear in passing out yogurts to the other bloggers. So nice of him! He immediately had our support in getting the award for best picture. (bodek baekk punya! =p)

I've found a weekly programs brochure on my villa's table and here were the activities made available on that day (which was a Thursday). Basically the same for other days :-
  • 8:30 - Power Walk
  • 9:30 - Opening Sport Activities - (Smiley Beach)
    • Cart Sailing/Speed sailing/Kayaks/Stand up paddle/Sailing 
I took this opportunity to try sailing and kayaking. My FIRST TIME! 
  • 9:30 - Bicycle Tour Beginners/Volleyball (Smiley Beach)
People of MSS2011 played volleyball with other guests.
  • 11:30 - Aqua Relax (Club House)
  • 12:00 - Sun Dance (Club House) -- we had our lunch at Sepoi-sepoi Cafe instead
  • 14:00 - Fun Bar Games (Club House)/Land Sports Tournament/Bicycle Tour Advance (Smiley Beach)
Bella and Zaid, together forever. hehe.
  • 16:00 - Traditional Fun Games/Dance Lesson (Perahu Cabana)
  • 17:00 - Bicycle Tour Advance (Smiley Beach)
  • 20:00 - Live Music (Club House)
Saleh, Hijrah and Suzan doing their share of local Malaysian dances. 
  • 20:30Evening Entertainment -- we were lucky indeed to enjoy a cultural event during this time! Pure coincidence, I believe!
The activities denoted in BLUE were what I did on that day. And the one activity that was not on the list was the low-tide tour given by Ms Rosie! The nature lover!

Boyband 1Benua with Ms Rosie, our low-tide tour guide.
It amazes me that by afternoon, the beach below is deprived of seawater and in it's place is a stretch of beautiful sands. Oh, so this is what they call as low-tide. =p

It was only hours ago that I went kayaking at this very spot!
Ms Rosie brought us to explore the various lifeforms that appear on shore during low-tide. I'm no marine biology expert and this tour has really opened my eyes on the wonders of mysterious sea creatures.

Looky here, a small crab!
All the beauty of mother nature can be easily destroyed by our own destructive actions. Ms Rosie has passionately explained to us that we must take part in helping to save mother nature. This could be simply done by avoiding plastic bags as what Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort did by using recycled paper. I wondered if this was the reason I didn't find any shower cap in the toilet? Was it because it was made of plastic? Hehehe.

My roomie having fun in the Infinity Swimming Pool
After cycling and having the low-tide tour, we were free to roam Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort for the whole evening. I chose to stay near the pool. I was hoping to jump in but to my dismay, people with no proper swimming attire were not allowed to go in. I only had my t-shirt and sport pants on. 

Muka sedih. =(
OK never mind. I'll go exploring the place instead. *muka masih sedih. =(

Oh looky! The buggy that we use to get us from the lobby to the clubhouse!
It's quite a distance to get from the lobby to our rooms. But then that's where the excitement begin as the hotel provide transportation in the form of cute buggies, made available every five minutes. You could also walk the distance to enjoy the sea breeze and scenic view.

Just breathtakingly beautiful!
We had a very fun-filled, exciting day! Golden Palm Tree Iconic & Spa has given us a soothing relief from our frantic lifestyles. True to what they say of it being a true escape with an adventure! A money's worth, I dare say.

The evening ended with me trying to watch the sunset from outside my room's balcony facing the sea. Too cloudy but still beautiful.

Seeking inner tranquility anyone?
It hasn't ended for us at MSS2011 as there's a cultural event that night.... be continued............

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@helgaindra said... [Reply]

yang seru itu pas main air di pantai
canoe, volley ball, bicyling, sampai low tide tour

ah kapan saya bisa kesana lagi? :(

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@helgaindra... datang beli tiket Airasia. murah aja. nanti kakak bawa jalan-jalan ke sana lagi! hehe.


Mouren said... [Reply]

Wow, siok nya! I love the buggy ride. Tidak lah penat berjalan from lobby to the clubhouse.

BTW, I don't see your photo here, cuzie? Main tapuk-tapuk kah HAHA!

Happy Thursday dear!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@wyne.. cuzie... tuh bah gambar aku. tudung merah. hehe.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

huaaa, wanna go Low Tide Tour too. n sailing also >.< i envy u, Jard ^^
yuk ke sana lagi :p *nggak kuat bayar nginep nya tapi ^^;*

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@xcute7... saya pun sama!!!!!