Sunday, October 9, 2011

#MSS2011 - Our Last Lunch at Awana Genting Highlands

"Never say goodbye, but say see you later." Those were the words of parting between us and the staff of Awana Genting Highlands.

After we freshened up from the muddy ordeal during Tears of the Sun and finally in clean clothing, we soon walked back to Awana Genting Highlands Resort to have a buffet lunch. Our drenched clothes and shoes were carefully kept in plastics or bags. Some of us dared to wear back their muddy shoes as there were no other footwear available.

Thankfully I had my handy slippers and my shoes were hung over my shoulder in equally drenched bags. I took no notice of that as I was more worried of slipping and falling on the trail downwards to the resort. Mr Zul brought us through a shorter route and we arrived faster than as expected.

Back at the modern resort, we were ushered into a dining room called  De Lanai Room, an adjoining room tothe Rajwali Coffee House, where we took our food. There was a stage with a big My Selangor Story 2011 backdrop there. Eager to know what's to come, I quickly chose a seat and grabbed something to eat.

Reserved especially for My Selangor Story 2011!
On my way out, I spotted Ms Fy being hospitable to Andi whose being cheeky, displaying his signature dimpled smile.

"Eat up my dear!" exclaimed Fy.
Again, as a sweet tooth person that I am, I was more focused on the display of desserts there. Haha.

Chocolate Moist Cakes anyone?
I quickly added two slices of these cakes to my load of 'nasi kuning' and kari mutton. You could see from the picture below that the whole De Lanai Room was decorated to cater My Selangor Story 2011.

A VIP treat. Nice!
The closing ceremony soon commenced with a speech by Awana Gentings' representatives followed by appointing the best team award for Tears of the Sun to Suzan's group. Each team member received a goody bag. Boy, was I jealous!

Congratulations! With Suzan's injured leg, they sure deserved the award for finishing the obstacle.
We continued dining and simply enjoyed each other's company before leaving Awana Genting for good. I sat at a table with Hijrah, Ms Lau, Helga,Andi, Rizma (who missed Tears of the Sun due to feet injuries) and Olivya. It was during that time I braved myself to ask about their working backgrounds. Didn't quite had the time to do so before. Haha.. Too absorbed with the programs, I guess. And also too shy. Ahakzz..

It was a pleasant farewell party with promises of another visit in the near future. Well, it is for me as I plan to come back soon. I have no complaints whatsoever with our stay at Awana Genting Longhouse and is definitely in my books that a team building session will be held here.

But for now......

.........see you later Awana Genting Highlands!

And coming up next, Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur be continued...........

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