Sunday, October 9, 2011

#MSS2011 - Nature Trail and Tears of the Sun at Awana Genting

Morning came and we were awaken to join a Sunrise Programme which comprises of body stretching and some movement to wake the sleeping limbs. We were told that after breakfast we were going on a Nature Trail into the jungle. I for one dreaded the thought of getting bitten by the leeches which are known to be everywhere in the wild.

Just hoped that none will feast on me. LoL. But I guess that was soon to be proven hopeless. Before I continue, do read what my friend Nigel has to say about the itinerary for this day. Can be read here with amazing photos!

Up and early for the Sunrise Programme. (Picture credit to Dian via FB)
Andi was forced to lead our exercise for his tardiness. (Picture credit to Dian via FB)
This was only warming up. We'd be soon on a trail through the wilderness which involves lots of hills, obstacles, stairs and ..... yikes...... leeches!

We started on a down-hill trail. And some of us took pictures on insects, plants and such.
Tian Chad without his hefty DLSR. He brought the Pentax instead. 
All was smooth going downhill. Nobody was out of breath... yet.
We were quiet in the forest in case there'd be glimpses of wildlife. 
The forest was oddly quiet though.
Walking over fallen leaves, moses, and branches.
It was later on, during our way back that I had the most unpleasant surprise. I had this sudden instinct to roll up my pants and was dumbfounded when I saw this blood-sucking stow-away gripping on my flesh of a leg.

Fairuz from the MSS crew demonstrated that the leeches were harmless creatures. They meant good by sucking out our dirty blood to ease blood flow. Errrrr... that gave me some reassurance and thankfully I wasn't screamish like other girls when I first saw the leech.
A leech on Fairuz's finger. Didn't bite at all! 
I waited all throughout breakfast time for the leech to get huge on my leg. It was such a weird sight to observe! Watching something sucking out my blood. I did lost my appetite though. Huhu.
Getting so BIGGGG!! Yikes! I'm so tasty huh?
 Hanis later on gave me some 'minyak kapak' to ward the leech off my leg without killing it. It worked like a charm!
The aftermath.
Relieved from the parasite, I went to change my clothes. Just in case there were more leeches on my body. Huhu. Thankfully there weren't any! =)

Coming up next!

Tears of the Sun
A program that really make us sweat under the sun and cultivate team-building among peers. I was so absorbed with the following activities that I kinda forgot I had a camera. Ihiks. =p

We were divided into groups of five. I was made leader. *Gulps. My team-mates now calls me mama. I wonder who'd the father be ehh??

The Tears of the Sun is where we undergo various obstacles, which consists mostly getting into mud filled water holes to get to the other side. Haha. We were soaked wet before the day was done.

My team consists of Helga, Saleh, Zaid and Bella. (Picture credit to Hafiz)
It was only through this activity was I able to connect with the other bloggers. It needed a lot of teamwork and patience to go through all the obstacles. =)

Kudos anak-anakku! 

And hurray! A teamwork job well done!

Smiles of victory after Tears of the Sun. (picture credit to Dian via FB)
I believe there is a video on us doing a victory dance. We'll have to wait for the others to update on that. And there it is! Watch it below!

*Video by Hafiz via FB. Thanks dude!
And next to my next update.... be continued........

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