Friday, October 7, 2011

#MSS2011 - Food Galore during Malaysian NIght @ Golden Palm Tree Resort

1Night has finally befell us.

After washing up and getting ready, we all headed to the Convention Center of Golden Palm Tree to attend a cultural event called Malaysian Night.

All the resort guests were invited and the hall was converted into a beautiful dining area ala seafood buffet style.The first thing I spotted were chefs behind their large cooking pans, lined up outside the entrance.

It's getting hot out here! hehe
And just near the entrance were two people demonstrating a famous traditional game called the 'congkak'. I noticed that the woman was wearing 'baju pahang' and 'kain sarung'. The typical attire of a Malay woman when at kampung. Haha. The guy... errrr.......... =p

Congkak nowadays has become mere decorations at modern homes. Huhu.
After observing the cooking action outside, I went inside the hall to be awed by the delicious spread of food throughout the hall. There was the vegetables food station.

Let's turn green people!
And then there was the fruits and berries food station.

Good as appetizers aye?
At another table there was a splendid spread of Malaysian traditional kuih-muih! The Indonesians had fun trying them out and asking the Malaysians bloggers on its name and stuff. There was one particular kuih that Rizma asked about which was kuih 'onde-onde'.

Malaysian kuih galore!
Well, after stuffing ourselves with these appetizers, I went on to desserts and was quite amazed with the variety of desserts displayed. It was so nicely placed at the table. And so beautifully arranged, it was difficult for me to ruin the display by taking them out. Haha.

So delicious to see.... YUMMY!
I never saw so many types of cakes in one tray before.

Ohh.. so many choices!
I have to admit that I somewhat have a sweet tooth. I love anything that is sugared and has chocolates! But that kind of appetite tends to ruin my teeth. So I satisfied myself by taking pictures instead and munch only a few. I wouldn't want my teeth to start decaying. =(

Oh heaven!
My main course is as seen below. Taken from outside at the LIVE kitchen. Hehehe.

Seafood and sate galore!
Sitting with me at the table were Ester and Olivya. You can tell by the picture that they were as ecstatic as me about the food. Haha.

Dine baby! Dine!
Also accompanying me at the table was Zaid (I wonder what happened to Bella?), Rizma the cheerful, Hafiz who volunteered his seat to Hanis (such a gentleman!), Hanis, Siti and another two. Forgot who. Hehehe...

Eating to their hearts delight!
As we filled our stomachs, a group of entertainers came in and started dancing. They entertained us with music and dances that originated from Borneo. And then for Malaysia's famous traditional dance which was the 'joget', they decided to invite the audience to join them....

...tis the short video showing the ever so brave, Saleh, Hijrah and Suzan dancing! On stage!

And with that we ended the evenning. A dinner and live entertainment. It was gonna be our last night at the exotic Golden Palm Tree Resort because tomorrow after lunch we were to stay at Genting and so.... be continued........

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Mr feckry said... [Reply]

gigil la wa tengok seafood tu

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@mr frecky... hehehe... meh aku belanja kamu makan seafood

farhanaDr said... [Reply]

Kuih keria.. Kuih itu.. Kuih ini.. Statik kejap mata tengok kuih2 tu.. Yummieeee..

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@farhana... hehehe.. aku tak tahu nama kuih. tahu makan je.

The Wanderer said... [Reply]

I don't think I'll have such guts to go up the stage and participate. But then again, given the circumstances maybe we should do it just to experience the different cultures :) Kudos to Saleh, Suzan & Hijrah for that!

I love onde-onde!

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@the wanderer... yes! kudos to them!

~Beb~ said... [Reply]