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#MSS2011 - Pasar Ikan Bakar and the Blind Trail at Awana Genting

Staying the night at the Awana Genting Longhouse has brought many memories to mind. I remembered staying at my late grandmother's house at Papar and her house didn't have proper water facilities and electricity for that matter. But despite of that, she was content and almost peaceful with her way of living. Simple life, no stress.

Thus at this Awana Genting Longhouse, I half expected taking a bath at an 'open' bathroom. Which means only a big drum of water with no roof above our heads and no doors. But I guess that kind of restrooms are not acceptable for commercial use. Haha. Thankfully no bathrooms like that existed. But we did have to sleep on mattresses that laid on the wooden floors of our dormitory. We were grouped into six people per room. I shared a room with Pamela, Andi Gita, Hanis, Fie, and Rizma. Well, in real long-houses down at Sabah, the people of the Rungus clan slept only on woven mats. A mattress was unheard of.

After taking our baths in which I preferred bathing with cold water, we had a barbecue dinner at Pasar Ikan Bakar situated just next to Awana Genting Longhouse.

Almost nightfall.
I took the liberty to put my loaned Pentax Optio RZ10 to test by taking several pictures during dinner. The picture below has a bit too much red in it. I had to change the settings in the camera to really lighten the redness.

Olivya and Andi Gita.
And voilaa.... the pictures are tranformed! Below shows the sitting area in which we had dinner. Eating on the floor on cushioned seats. The designs had signs of Sarawakian in it.

A dining experience to remember.

Tian Chad squatting to catch the perfect pictures. 

Taking a picture with Siti before we ate.
The restaurant's signage.
I wandered into the kitchens to catch the chefs barbecuing our meal. The fires were ablaze but I didn't manage to take a picture of it.

So much meat!
The finished product. *Drooling
I've eaten the meat with Nasi Lemak. =)
We had LIVE entertainment that night and it only got better when Feeq made a request via a handwritten note for Ms Amelia Tan to sing to us. It amazes me that Ms Amelia could recognize his handwriting with only a glance. Haha. Kantoi sudah.

Singing Malay songs suits her voice very well indeed.
With our stomachs full and our heads lightened. We then went through the Blind Trail with Mr Zul as our instructor. I've been through this activity before years back and has anticipated in joining it again. Different settings, different people gives out a whole new experience.

Each and everyone of us were blindfolded. (Picture credit to
It felt like we were illegal immigrants and were about to be shipped back to our countries. Haha. We had to wait in blindfolds as one by one were led out to follow a trail of a thick cotton string into the darkness of the night. Beside me was Helgra and Pamela. And so I believed. The funniest thing that happened was the blindfolded people who were among the latest to go on trail were also the most chatterbox. We couldn't keep quiet and kept guessing who was next to go missing.

One by one the blindfolded bloggers were taken. All went without a squeak! I guess it must be scary for the last person when he/she calls out and nobody answered. Creepy man!

Ahh.. a big picture of me on the Blind Trail. (picture credit to
The most surprised of us all would be Nigel as he was the last to arrive at the end of the trail. Blindfolded and oblivious on the coming events, he was led to a bonfire surrounded by us all.

And at that moment that his blindfolds were open, we all sang a hearty Birthday Song to commemorate his 37 years on earth. Awww.. I believe he was on the verge of tears. OK, maybe not. Hehe, but happily surprised nonetheless.

We soon headed back to Awana Genting Longhouse to get rested. As tomorrow we were to rise up and early for more eco activities and maybe a bite or two from the infamous leeches? be continued..........

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Nava Krishnan said... [Reply]

great fun at a wonderful place.

Jard The Great said... [Reply]

@nava krishnan... yes, it was truly loads of fun! =)

Dastel said... [Reply]

i want try too

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